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Nikhitha C is an India-based Space Enthusiast, Science Communicator, Dr. Kalpana Chawla Scholar from International Space University, Motivational Speaker, and a Social Impact Entrepreneur. She is a so-called mogul for her dedication and passion for space and STEM education. Nikhitha is an Ambassador of Studies in France appointed by the French Embassy in India.

She is the Society for Space Education Research and Development (SSERD) co-founder to open a space frontier to all by promoting Space Education among the community and preparing the young generation for the Space Revolution. Also, she received KWAA Youth Icon 2019 Award for her outstanding work at inspiring students in STEAM and Space.

Nikhitha is a native Bangalorean and has done her Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering from Alliance University and is a space geek. She traveled to over six countries, including Mauritius, in December 2018 as a Moderator for Space and STEM Education and Outreach in Africa, Sri Lanka in Jan 2019 to teach about Space Science and Advancement of India in the Space Industry. Nikhitha was in France for her Space Studies Program at International Space University in June 2019. She was part of a Team Project called Space for Urban Planning, where 30 participants from 17 countries came together to find solutions for challenges faced in Urban Planning. 

Nikhitha is a good preceptor who pledged herself to educate and excite people around the world. She is becoming a household name among the space nerds and a power machine for inspiring and motivating young students to perceive their goals and dreams. She is a great supporter of Girls and Women In STEAM. 

Nikhitha is the founder-director and COO of Genex Space. Within the next five years, her goals are to have many students take up Space and Science, inspire students to develop innovative solutions, and partner with all the Major National Space Agencies to share their progress among the students. Nikhitha is looking to support students to do their research or Internship in collaboration with the space organizations and partner with the Space Companies and Startups to provide the students with the required Jobs so that they can use their talent for the betterment of the Nation.

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                  Dec 2018: Mauritius


Participated as Moderator for Space and STEM Education and Outreach in Africa Working group during the 2nd African Space Generation Workshop by SGAC. 

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                                   Jan 2019: SriLanka


Invited to teach about Space Science and Advancement of India in Space Industry at the Institute of Astronomy, SriLanka.  

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                        June - August 2019: France

                       I had applied for the Space Studies Program at International Space University in France and I was one among 120 participants from all over the world. I had also received a Partial Scholarship - Dr. Kalpana Chawla Scholarship to attend SSP. Wonders happened while I attended SSP.  I got a chance to meet Buzz Aldrin and 2 more Astronauts! I had a chance to visit 3 more countries - Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg. My Fellow batchmates were Space Lawyers, Space Doctors, Space Engineers, Space Scientists, Space Artists, Space Professors, and many more... 

I got the opportunity to learn about the Space Business and Management, Space Policy, Space Science and Technology, Human Performance in Space, Space humanities and Many more from the professionals of the World including NASA, ESA, ISRO, CNES, DLR, JAXA and many more (Video) 

I was part of a Team Project called Space for Urban Planning, where 30 participants from 17 countries came together to find solutions for challenges faced in Urban Planning. I headed the Presentation Team, which had present the whole report in a completely non-ppt format. I directed the presentation of 1 hour which included a whole 30 participants to take up one or the other role. You can watch by clicking here fast forward to 5:08 hours.  

Overall, I learnt what Indians are for others, Even though we all come from different countries, we were Humans and fellow Earthlings. Space Unites all of us! 


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                        July 2019: Luxembourg


Field Trip to SES, Luxembourg as part of Space Business and Management Department Activities during Space Studies Program at International Space University. 

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                        July 2019: Switzerland


       Field Trip to CERN - Geneva,                Switzerland during Space Studies            Program at International Space              University. 

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                        August 2019: Germany


Field Trip to European Space      Operation Center, European Space Agency, Germany during Space Studies Program at International Space              University. 


This was one of the proud moments for me when I was called the Youth Icon of 2019 by Karnataka Women Achievers' Award (KWAA).  

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