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This young Bengaluru entrepreneur is teaching space science & tech to India and the world

23-year-old Nikhitha C. says it’s time for a space revolution, and wants to ensure students in India and abroad don’t miss out due to a lack of opportunities.


How Bengaluru-based Nikhitha C is decoding space and its wonders for students

Co-founded by Nikhitha C, the Society for Space Education and Research Development aims to take the subject of space to school children using interactive and innovative methods of learning.


Bengaluru science educators say space is the next frontier for students

"Most kids in India seem to have the desire to work in the space sector but are deprived of real ways to get there," Gabe Gabrielle, a former engineer at the Kennedy Space Center for NASA said in Bengaluru.

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July 2018


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Gruha Shobha - March 2020

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